Mr Goh E. K.

"Most of us are concerned about ours and our love ones' well-being. MK is my one stop help. No sugar-coating, no unnecessary selling, but gave me peace of mind."

Mdm Toh

"MK’s advice is like a beacon of light during times of uncertainty in my personal and work life. His analytical mind lends more in-depth insights on some of my struggles and help me with best fit decisions. Always unassuming, he is open to discussions on alternative solutions and never pushes me to accept his recommendation! I definitely trust his advice and seeks his guidance from time to time when I am stuck at roadblocks!"


"My husband and I chose Mk to see the fengshui of our home. On first impression, he is very friendly and very professional. After seeing out home layout, he went on to further analyse our home surroundings and was able to tell us the events that my husband and I have encountered over the past few years. We were very impressed on how meticulous and accurate he was.

Besides that, I was having some difficulties at work, hence, I got Mk to advise me on my workplace area to improve the Fengshui. True enough, no one can tell if the fengshui works till we experience the positive change. My work became smoother than before after implementing what MK had suggested.


We are grateful that we have the right Fengshui master and more importantly, he does not force us to buy expensive items."

Presna G

"Mun Kit is amazing. He explained well in regards to all areas of my life and that he highlighted in my most important aspects in my life. Thank you, Mun Kit"