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Is Fengshui more important than Life Consultation?

These two systems operate from a different plane.

Fengshui deals with the energy flow (yin and yang) of the external environment and internal of the unit. Life consultation studies the planetary positions of a person’s chart when he or she was born coupled with yearly transits (events prediction). This system is able to drill down to important and often overlooked distinctions in a person’s life. i.e. typical traits, personality, persona, thoughts process, decision making process etc. Through combining the merits of both system, one will be able to improve and enhance his/her life tremendously.

What entails in a Fengshui audit process?

1st Step: Before the appointment

  1. Send over the floor plan via email (contact@ewunited.com)
  2. Address of the unit

2nd step: Actual appointment

- External environment analysis

- Internal unit layout and analysis

- Diagnosis of the unit (past and present events)

- Suggestion of remedy and solutions (does not involve drilling, hacking of walls, expensive fengshui items placement, tilting of door, major renovation, etc.)

This audit typically takes 1.5 hours to 2 hours. The duration may be extended if needed, we advise client to set aside extra time allowance flexibility for the actual day of audit.

Third step: After the audit

A comprehensive report with customised solutions (electronic version) will be sent via email.

***Commercial/ retail /office fengshui follows the same process and system, of course with a different intention in mind

What is required for a life consultation?

- Name

- Date of birth

- Exact Time of birth (with minutes)

- Place of birth including city name

What is the duration of the consultation?

First consultation – typically takes 1.5 to 2 hours

This will cover:

  • Your personality traits
  • Your persona
  • Greatest fear
  • Greatest desire
  • Hot buttons
  • What’s working for you and what’s not
  • Your relationship with your loved ones and in general
  • Short career profiling
  • Yearly transits- (12 months forward -events prediction) – eg. If you seek consultation in July of the year, the consultation will cover till June/ July of the following year.

Subsequent consultation: typically 1 hour

This will cover:

  • Yearly transits- (12 months forward -events prediction) – eg. If you seek consultation in Jul of the year, the consultation will cover till June/ July of the following year
  • Particular focus area discussion (e.g. relationship, career, etc.)

Do you use Chinese astrology like Bazi & Zi Wei Dou Shu?

There are many systems to decipher a person’s life and events. From my experience and research, I have distilled down to western astrology as my mainstream tool for life reading due to the high level of accuracies and consistencies.

But I understand you use Chinese methodology?

Yes, depending on the nature of the consultation, I may use ancient Yijing methods to read a person life frequency. It is basically another form of life reading. This method however doesn’t require the birth details but leverage of the power of Yijing predictive messages embedded in the universe.

The foundation of life consultation resides in Western astrology. The level of accuracy goes down to one’s exact birth timing and place of birth (latitude and longitude). The system itself will also take into account of daylight saving hours (for countries who observe).

On the other hand, Singapore has elected a standardized time-zone over the years due to various reasons. Hence, if you are born in different “era”, your time of birth may differ if you are born in Singapore.

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